Defensive Patent Aggregator 


Our goal is to make the cost of suppressing bitcoin with patents many times larger than the benefit of doing so. 


The advent of cyptocurrencies like Bitcoin is ushering in a new area of human innovation. They pose a threat to the traditional monetary controls to which many have grown accustomed. When established power begins to erode, those who hold it predicatively react with all tools at their disposal. Like it or not, the most powerful tool available for controlling the advancement of a technology is a patent. A patent grants the holder a monopoly on the use of a technology which they can leverage to retard its use.


Traditional financial intermediaries are actively patenting cryptocurrency technology in an effort to gain monopoly power over the market and stave off the decline of their empires. In coming years, as cryptocurrencies transact a growing portion of the world’s economic activity, these companies will begin suing members of the cryptocurrency community to extract wealth and limit further adoption of these technologically-based currencies.


The Cryptocurrency Defense Foundation is a defensive patent aggregator which acquires cryptocurrency related patents and licenses them openly to all those who agree to not enforce their patents against other members of the community.


We operate within the patent system to promote apolitical free markets, entrepreneurialism, and independence.